VitalPBX Change Logs
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We are glad to announce a new update of VitalPBX! This version comes to fix some issues introduced in the previous version and add some new features. Thanks to all of our community for reporting these issues and helping us improve VitalPBX.

If you wish to read about the new features and add-ons introduced in previous updates, click here and learn about all the tools and upgrades we´ve added over time.


  • Outbound Routes: Now it is possible to define a CID per outbound route.
  • VitalPBX Command Tool: Now it is possible to apply firewall configurations defined on VitalPBX from the Linux CLI (vitalpbx –apply-firewall).
  • System General: Now it is possible to customize some feature parameters.
    • Transfer Digit Timeout: Number of seconds to wait between digits when transferring a call
    • Features Digit Timeout: Max time (ms) between digits for feature activation
  • VitalPBX Command Tool – Check Integrity: The command to check the environment integrity now verifies the integrity of each tenant and set the right permissions and owner/group for the folders.
  • Voicemail Settings: Now it is possible to customize the email’s sender name for voicemail notifications.
  • Asterisk: Introduction of Asterisk v16.2.1


  • Voicemail: The MWI for voicemail was not working as expected. We have compiled the latest Asterisk Version with the required patches in order to make this feature work again.
  • Music on Hold:
    • The music on hold set up on extensions have overwritten any MoH provided for other applications (e.g.: Parking).
    • The default asterisk ringback tone was overwritten by music on hold when the MoH value was set to none (fixed).
  • Custom Recordings: The script in charge for the storage of custom recordings (made by phone) in the database was not working. (fixed)
  • Dial Plan (DND): The DND feature was not working as expected in Multi-tenant environments  (fixed).

Revision 2

  • Feature Categories: Only the first feature category items were retrieved for any other. (fixed)
  • IVR Stats: Now this add-on is compatible with multi-tenant environments.

Revision 3

  • Hot Desking: When a hot desking device was created or edited, the reload button didn’t appear as expected. (fixed up)
  • Password Reset: The script for reset password was not working as expected. (fixed up)
  • Music on Hold: The permissions for Music on Hold folder were not set in the right way. (fixed up)
  • Trunks: Now the trunks dialog has labels and tooltips more clear
  • Pickup Groups: The pickup groups module has been renamed to Hunting Groups.
  • I18n: The Portuguese language has been updated
  • System: Set right permissions to folders per tenant

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