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We are excited to announce the release of our new update VitalPBX 2.3.6. This version presents new add-ons, features, and various bug fixes. Thanks to all our beta testers for reporting issues, suggesting improvements, and help us deliver a very stable version to all the VitalPBX community.

If you wish to read about the new features and add-ons introduced in previous updates, click here and learn about all the tools and upgrades we´ve added over time.

Next, we will list all the changes included in this version.

New Add-Ons

  • Queues CallBack: With the Queues CallBack module, you can reduce customer frustration by minimizing their time spent on hold. This feature provides callers with the option to request a callback from the next available agent instead of waiting on hold, allowing them to disconnect from the call and tend to other things. Learn More
  • Geo Firewall: The Geo-Firewall add-on module for VitalPBX adds a new layer of security for your PBX. Allowing you to block any unwanted requests from countries you know you have no business with. Learn More
  • Dynamic Destinations (Conditional Routing): With this add-on, you will be able to route calls based on the CID Number. You may query a database or an API and according to the response, routing the call to one destination or another. 

New Features

  • Asterisk: Introducing Asterisk v16.5.0
  • Hunting Groups: Used the name call groups and pickup groups parameters so it doesn’t limit the number of allowed groups
  • Phone Books: It is possible to create external phone books and use them in all the supported brands of devices.
  • CID Lookup: It is now possible to use external phone books as a CID Lookup source
  • Custom Certificates: Now it is possible to add custom certificates through the GUI
  • Music on Hold: It is possible to define a music group as the default MoH, so, when you select the default MoH on queues, conferences, or any other module, instead of play the default asterisk sounds, the MoH Class marked as default will be played.
  • Asterisk Sounds: Now is possible to install the Hebrew sound prompts from the Asterisk Sounds module


  • Users Portal: When a portal user was updated from the user’s dialog, the assigned extension was getting removed from the user.
  • Directory Feature (411): It was not possible to use the directory feature on secondary tenants.
  • Tenants:
    • When deleting a tenant with the user “admin” assigned, this user was getting deleted along with the tenant, leaving the system without admin access.
    • Some asterisk configurations were not created after creating a new tenant, producing some undesired behaviors, like blocked calls between extensions.
    • The CID Info of secondary tenants was overwritten when the main tenant is used as the gateway.
  • Trunks: On environments with more than one trunk with the same providers the calls were sent to an invalid context. This avoided applying certain settings defined in the trunk.
  • Dial Plan:
    • When dialing to an unconnected PJSIP device the dial application crashed due to the empty value generated by the function “PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS”.
    • The Invalid dial tries were marked as answered calls.
  • Extensions Status: The status of connected devices were not shown correctly on secondary tenants.

Important Notes

  • We strongly recommend updating all the add-ons to its latest versions in order to keep better compatibility with the VitalPBX core.
  • We have only mentioned the most relevant features and fixes, so, if you want to know what else is included this version, visit our blog about version 2.3.5 (RC)

Get to know about VitalPBX, our services and how we can help you achieve your goals in our official website.

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