New Update: VitalPBX 2.3.7 (Release Candidate Version)

VitalPBX Change Logs
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After some time of hard work fixing issues, improving existing features, and adding new features, we are glad to announce the first release candidate version for update 2.3.7. This version is intended for everyone who has signed up for the beta test program, so, this version should not be used in production environments.

If you wish to read about the new features and add-ons introduced in previous updates, click here and learn about all the tools and upgrades we´ve added over time.

We really want to say thank you to all our partners & the VitalPBX community for supporting this project and helping us to make VitalPBX even better.

Next, we will list all the improvements, new features, and fixes included in this version.


  • PJSIP: We’ve added important parameters on PJSIP profiles required for cloud, WebRTC, and trunking environments.
  • Ring Groups: Now it is possible to allow or not diversions for extensions listed on ring groups.
  • Parking Lots: It is possible to edit the parking lots’ code, including the default one.
  • Follow Me:
    • Initial Ring Time: Now it is possible to define a time in seconds to ring the primary extension before calling to members in the follow-me list.
    • Status: It is also possible to enable/disable follow-me feature right from the extensions dialog on the follow-me tab.
  • Queues CallBack:
    • PIN Sets: Calls originated from queues callback now skip the PIN sets in order to avoid calls get blocked.
    • Prompts: Now it is possible to change the message that caller hears after finish scheduling a callback. Default Message: “Thanks, you will be called back soon”.
    • Learn more about this add-on
  • Geo Firewall: The IP addresses per country has been updated. Learn more about this add-on
  • Extensions:  A new field labeled “CallerID On Diversions” has been added to the extension’s dialogue, under the advanced tab. This allows you to define if during a call forward,  the CID info sent will be the one provided by the caller or the CID info from the extension that has the call forwarding.
  • DialPlan (Call Recordings): Now the call recordings name are more descriptive to easily locate them. The current format is TIME-CALLTYPE-SRCAPP-CALLER-CALLEE-UNIQUEID, e.g: 105634-OUT-RG235-2000-0558271-1569430594.649.wav
  • I18n: The Spanish and Russian translations have been updated

New Features

  • Inbound Routes: Now it is possible to route a DID range to an extension number. For example, if I have the DID range from 1 (305) 6724 7100 to 1 (305) 6724 7200, it is possible to get the last four digits of the DID and route it to the corresponding extension.
  • API: Added endpoints to handle voicemail and phonebooks actions. more info here.
  • System General: We’ve added a new setting on the system general module that allows you to define if the login panel that is shown when the Sonata add-ons get installed will be shown or not.
  • Tenants: Now it is possible to share the route selections items as outbound profiles for other tenants, this way you will not need to create tenant trunks for using main tenant as a gateway, and not need to re-define outbound routes per tenant.


  • Security: An important security issue has been introduced on Centos 7.7 regarding firewall-d, after a full Centos update, the firewall-d blocks everything and refuses to load the defined VitalPBX’s rules with the following error message: “‘Rich_Destination’ is not iterable“. We’ve fixed this issue compiling our own version of firewall-d with a patch to fix the issue. We’ve included this new version of firewall-d on our repos to avoid this issue on new or upgraded VitalPBX’s installations.
  • Ring Groups: Forwarding/Transferring calls coming from a ring group to another internal extension were not reaching features like voicemail or diversions configured on the forwarding target.
  • Core (Password Auto-Complete): The saved passwords in browsers produced that password fields on different VitalPBX forms get auto-completed with the saved info, even when the saved info has no relation with the form. This behavior produces that in extensions (devices & portal sections), users, and other dialogues with credentials got unexpectedly overwritten. 
  • Multi-Tenant (Trunks MoH):  The music on hold configured for trunks on secondary tenants got overwritten by the main tenant. 
  • Geo Firewall: Fix compatibility with Mozilla Firefox
  • Personal Assistant: The dialplan for the personal assistant feature was not working as expected. Some options produced that the incoming call routed to this feature got dropped instead of sending to the defined destination.
  • Trunks: The dialing manipulation rules with a pattern defined, but without prefix nor prepend field, were producing infinite loops.
  • Follow-me: It was not possible to call multiple extensions with the follow-me feature enabled from applications like ring groups or queues, so, the follow-me dialplan was refactored in order to allow such behavior.
  • Bulk Modifications: When a bulk modification was performed some required data (for the dialplan) was not generated. This caused old information to be sent at the time of making a call.

Important Note: On this version, the “Softphone Licensing Server” add-on has been deprecated, due to the introduction of the VitalPBX Communicator Softphone, which now is totally free and doesn’t require any kind of licensing.

Get to know about VitalPBX, our services and how we can help you achieve your goals in our official website.

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