VitalPBX 3 RC2
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We are glad to announce the second release candidate for VitalPBX 3 PBX System, this update brings fixes to the issues reported by our beta testers to whom we want to express our gratitude for helping us to debug VitalPBX 3 to make it more stable and even better.

Also, this new release candidate introduces some improvements to different Add-Ons, especially in the branding add-on, which now include some outstanding customization for the login page. Next, we will list all the changes included in this version.

Improvements on VitalPBX 3 – RC 2

  • Extensions: Now, it is possible to scan the devices QR codes from GUI, and also be able to send them by email on demand.
  • Add-ons Menu: Now, the add-ons menu on the login page only shows the add-ons that are already installed (Sonata add-ons or Vitxi)
  • Phonebooks: It is now possible to generate QR codes for VitalPBX’s phonebooks and send them by email. This has been implemented especially for the VitXi mobile app.
  • Time Conditions: Now, it is possible to assign a specific time zone for matching the time groups associated with time conditions. This is an extended feature, so, it will be available only for those who have any kind of license (Add-ons or Subscription) applied to the PBX.
  • Branding: Now, it is possible to fully customize colors for the login page using the branding add-on. These new settings will be applied only if the add-on has been licensed previously.
  • Tenants:
    • Now, it is possible to define a default timezone per tenant, this timezone will be used for showing date/time info across the GUI, also, for matching time conditions (Unless the time condition has a timezone different than “System”). However, users will be able to select their own timezone, in such cases, the date/time data will be shown using the user’s timezone.
    • Also, with this update, it is also possible to select what external add-ons (Sonata, or VitXi) the tenant will have access to.
  • Custom Applications: Now, it is possible to edit the extension code for existing custom applications.
  • Modules: Now, some modules’ menus come sorted according to its content. Those which use extensions come sorted by extension and those who only have descriptions comes sorted alphabetically. For now, we have sorted the menu for the following modules:
    • Inbound Routes
    • Custom Applications
    • Queues
    • Ring Groups
    • Conferences
    • Class of Services
    • Trunks

Addressed Issues on VitalPBX 3 – RC 2

  • Branding: The logo customization and others were not applied to the login page
  • System General: The add-ons menu didn’t get hidden according to the settings on the System General module
  • Endpoint Manager: It was not possible to use the current provisioning system on VitalPBX 3
  • System Misc: Time zones changes were not applied to the Asterisk Dialplan nor PHP configurations. This was producing that the script that updates BLF Hint for Time Conditions, and returning the time conditions to its default state, was providing wrong information.
  • GUI: It was not possible to update VitalPBX from the GUI. From this version onward, it will be possible to perform updates from the GUI. But for now, if you want to update to the latest RC version, you must do it from the Linux console, using the command “yum update -y“. This command will update all the packages, including Linux packages, so, we recommend you to reboot the server after updating.


With this new release we are getting very close to the official release of VitalPBX Version 3.0. But remember that even Release Candidate versions are still preliminary versions. So please test everything before implementing on a production environment. We appreciate all the feedback you give us, so, if you find any bugs or issues during your testing don’t doubt to let us know through our community forum. Also, if you want to know what the previous releases of Version 3.0 has had to offer you can check this article, here.


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