Make a powerful Call Center. Integrate VitalPBX with Queue Metrics.

VitalPBX Queue Metrics Integraction
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Today we have a great announcement for everyone. As you might have noticed from the title on this article, yes, QueueMetrics is fully compatible with VitalPBX. Allowing you to use the software to generate reports for your queues and agents. So if you are new to Call Centers or a QueueMetrics Veteran, you can now choose to mix the power between VitalPBX and QueueMetrics.

Who is QueueMetrics and how can it benefit your Call Center?


VitalPBX Queue Metrics Login

QueueMetrics is a monitoring and reporting suite that allows you to manage your contact center with range of tools and assets. You can choose to have the software run on-premises or on the cloud, so you can have your reports wherever you are.


VitalPBX Queue Metrics Dashboard

How to get QueueMetrics?


VitalPBX Queue Metrics Data

To get started with QueueMetrics and VitalPBX, you can visit their website where they have established a small easy to follow guide on how to install QueueMetrics On-Premise with VitalPBX. This guide will show you step by step on the installation process so you can have QueueMetrics on you VitalPBX server. (

If you wish to try out QueueMetrics, you can request a free trial on the QueueMetrics website. And when you are ready to make your purchase, you can use our code for on-premise installations VPBXDA97UT, for a CHF 50.00 (~US$ 50.00) discount!
If you wish to try out the Cloud Version, you can use the code VPBXLV08ET, and you will get CHF 10.00 (~US$ 10.60) off each month, that is the equivalent of CHF 120.00 (~US$ 127.00) for each year! To use the codes you must apply them on the Loway Shop:

You can also book to attend any of their free webinars so you can learn the most about their software. And you can watch this video they got where they explain their software.

You can also check out this interview we had with their team and what our thoughts are about this new integration, Asterisk-based Call centers, and what is to come in the future!

So, we hope that you are excited about this news and that you look forward for you Call Center installations in the future.

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss this new option to make your VitalPBX installation better, let us know in our forums.

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