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VitalPBX is free phone system based on the solid Linux and Asterisk platforms offering whole new level of user experience with offers fully responsive user interface and is easy to use, on any screen size.

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Take your PBX to the next level with our modules

Switchboard is an application through which you can monitor in real time all the activity in your PBX.

A system through which you can rate all calls from your PBX. Allowing summary and detail reports to be generated.

Sonata Recordings Logo

Recording Management is a software through which you can manage the recordings of your PBX.

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Stats is an application through which you obtain reports that reflect all the activity of our VitalPBX Call Center.

Remote Worker Softphone

An advanced Windows Softphone for Call Center which integrates Presence, Chat, Video Call, BLF, etc.

vitxi webrtc softphone

Have all your communications in one place, from video and audio calls to text and chat. Have the ability to do it all from your browser in one place

vitxi webrtc softphone

VitXi Mobile is a feature rich mobile SIP Client for iOS and Android handsets with video calling and SMS Messaging.

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Thank you for downloading VitalPBX!

You are now one step closer to experiencing one of the most intuitive PBX systems in the world.

What’s next?

  • Try any of our add-ons, like our GeoFirewall, OpenVPN server, our Multi-Tenant Module, and many more!
  • Experience our Sonata Suite of products, a set of applications that will expand the features your VitalPBX can do.
  • Try out VitXi, our family of softphones that will keep you connected always. Available for your browser as our WebRTC client, or on your mobile phone.

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