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VitalPBX Beta Test Program

Unified Communications PBX System

VitalPBX Beta Test Program

Thanks for your interest in the VitalPBX Beta Tester Program!

VitalPBX’s Beta Test Program allows you to get preliminary versions of VitalPBX to test the new functionalities. The feedback you provide will help us to identify issues, and improve the platform, as well as providing more stable versions to the general public.

The updates provided from this program are preliminary and may contain errors that affect the PBX functionality, so, these versions should not be used in production environments.

Once, you subscribe to the program, you will receive an email explaining how to setup your PBX to get preliminary versions of VitalPBX. Also, you will receive an email notification each time a preliminary version is available.

Please, fill the sign-up form below to join this program.

For any questions or comments, you can send us an email to