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VitalPBX Version 3.0

Official Release, August 17th, 2020!

Your PBX is now Better.

Prepare for the biggest VitalPBX upgrade yet. VitalPBX 3.0 brings you the biggest set of features we have ever done for a new VitalPBX version. This new version has a completely revamped the whole system, modifying and upgrading the backend, completely revamping the front end, adding a sleuth of new features, and bringing new additions to the VitalPBX Family of Products. We hope that you are able to enjoy this new VitalPBX version so that you can have the best PBX experience you can.

What's New?

Sonata Stats Logo

Call Center Queue and Agent Statistics Application.

Sonata Stats allows you measure the performance for your different Queues and Agents within your Call Center. Get detailed Reports, export them to your preferred format, and send them directly to email.

VitXi Logo

New Family of Endpoint Clients designed for VitalPBX.

VitXi is a new addition to VitalPBX, and works as a new Family of endpoint clients that have been designed with VitalPBX in mind. VitXi is conformed by a WebRTC client, Mobile Applications, and video meet application.

New Features and Improvements

  • PHP 7
  • Maria DB 10
  • Asterisk 17
  • New Dashboard
  • Sonata Stats
  • VitXi WebRTC
  • VitXi Mobile
  • VitXi Meet
  • Email Notifications
  • Multi-Tenant Improvements
  • Emergency CID
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Dispatchable Locations
  • Dark Mode
  • User Visibility
  • New Login
  • Login Branding
  • Music on Hold Streaming
  • QR Codes and Welcome Email
  • And Much More!

So, as you can see, Version 3 has a bunch of major improvements, new features, and additions. From the movement towards PHP 7, MariaDB 10, and the upgrade to Asterisk 17; to the revamp design of the application as a whole. This will make the biggest feature improvement on the PBX System yet. Speaking from the whole team, we would like to add our deepest gratitude to everyone that participated on the Beta and Release Candidate Versions of this new and exciting version for VitalPBX. You can read all the change logs we made for these preliminary version on our community site blog section!

Watch the Video Walkthrough